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 12 Dog Novice (AV Retriever) Stake

 was held at Westerdale, Yorkshire

On Saturday 25th November 2017

By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs Richard Findlay and members of the Westerdale Shooting Syndicate


 Mr M Newsam (A100), Mr S McDermott (B3558), Mr G Sykes (NP3774), Ms S Shanker (NP)   ,    

STEWARD OF THE BEAT: Mr Richard Findlay

CHIEF STEWARD Mr Neil Stead                   

     The Judges did not make any awards

Field Trial report by Margaret Pearce.

The club was privileged once again to be invited by Richard Findlay and the Westerdale Shooting Syndicate to hold our second  Novice Field Trial of the season on fantastic ground at Westerdale on the North Yorkshire moors.

Judges for the day were Mick Newsam, Stephen McDermott , Glynn Sykes  and Shami Shanker.

We had a crisp and frosty start for the first drive, and the guns shot well, providing plenty of retrieves into Kale and on grassland.

Unfortunately only three dogs survived  the first round, and only one retrieved successfully

in the second round. The judges made the decision to declare the trial over, with no awards. Back at the barn,over a very welcoming cup of hot soup, the A panel judge Mick Newsam explained that it was very unfortunate but the judges felt that on the day none of the dogs had come up to the standard required,and wished the handlers more success in future trials.

Our thanks go to Richard Findlay and the excellent team of guns, and our sponsors Skinners Pet Foods Ltd.

A 16 Dog Novice A.V. Retriever Stake was  held at Grinkle Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire,

By kind invitation of  the Grinkle Park Estate

On Wednesday 11th October 2017

JUDGES: Mr G Bennett (A2713), Mr K Barnes (B3419), Mr L Earl (NP3513), Mr D Sidwell (NP)



2nd       Wayne Mitchell with Lab.D. Turpingreen Barrera Of Labdom

COM: Greig Paterson with Lab. D. Avonstream Aransha  

 Guns Choice Brian Dodsworth with Hazeloaks Wigeon

Thanks to Grinkle Park Estate & Skinners Pet Foods for their continuing support

Grinkle Park Field Trial Report 2017

Wayne Mitchell with Field Trial Secretary Neil Stead

A 12 Dog Novice A.V. Retriever Stake was  held at the Warter Priory Estate

By kind invitation of  Mr Will Healy and Mr Frank Croft

& Kindly Sponsored by Skinners Pet Foods Ltd

On Tuesday January 24th 2017

JUDGES: Mr P J Wagland, Mr J Day, Mr A Richardson & Mr A Slingsby

Steward Of the Beat Mr Shaun Beals

 1st & Winners Trophy

 Steve Richardson & Serena Evans’ Lab. D. Ballinduim Gorse (H = Serena Evans)

 2nd  Geoff Dobb’s Lab. B. Long March Anna

Certificates of Merit

Derek Coulson’s. Lab. D. Brockdale Moss (Guns Choice Trophy)

Will Hales’ Lab D. Lowsommer Allenton

Sandra  Ellis’ Lab. D. Thornton Fern Captain

Thanks to Warter Priory Estate and Skinners for continued support for VYWRC Field Trial events.

Warter Field Trial Report 2017