Vale of York Working Retriever Club

  KC ID No 2263

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A 12 Dog Novice A.V. Retriever Stake was  held at the Warter Priory Estate

By kind invitation of  Mr Will Healy and the much appreciated help of  Mr Frank Croft

& Kindly Sponsored by Skinners Pet Foods Ltd

On Tuesday January 22nd 2019

JUDGES: Glynn Coupar (A2525), John Day (B3320),

Mr Brian Dodsworth (NP3652) & Mr Paul Hasney (NP3682)

Steward Of the Beat: Shaun Beals

Chief Steward: Carol Parsons

 1st & Winners Trophy Marion Cairns’ Lab. D. Churnsway Oak


Mark Wilson’s Lab.  D. Verrad Firefly

Steve Townsend’s Lab. B. Isle Of Man Criston

COM & Guns Choice Darren Thompson’s Lab. D. Luiseniga Osprey

Field Trial Results 2019

All photographs by Craig Adams

A 16 Dog All Aged A.V. Retriever Stake was  held at Grinkle Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire,

By kind invitation of  the Grinkle Park Estate on Wednesday 9th October 2019

JUDGES:Mr P J Wagland (A1931), Mr G E Dobb (B2244),

                          Mr A Richardson (NP2813), Mr P Birkbeck (NP3259)


CHIEF STEWARD: Carol Parsons

1st & Winners Trophy Serena Richardson with Ballindium Gorse (Lab.D)

2nd Claire Carvis with Tarnedge Jaina (Lab.B)

3rd Eden Parish with Salemasky Tulip (Lab.D.)


Andrew Curtis with Wytonruss Bronte (Lab.B)                            

Scott Marland with Torrisdale Loch (Lab. B)

 Guns Choice:

Tom Birchall with Westerkames Ravel (Lab.B)

Kindly Sponsored By

Skinners Pet Foods Ltd.

 A 12 Dog Novice (AV Retriever) Stake was held at Westerdale, Yorkshire

On Saturday 23rd November 2019

By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs Richard Findlay and members of the Westerdale Shooting Syndicate


 Mr S Crookes (A1853), Mr T Bushby (B3342), Mr D Sidwell (NP3822), & Mr I Palmer (NP3734)    

STEWARD OF THE BEAT: Mr Richard Findlay

      CHIEF STEWARD: Carole Parsons

DOG STEWARD: Liz Robinson

1st Andy Brooks with Lab. B. Janfran Pavlova

2nd Sonja Ludwig with Lab. B. Eshiels Tancredi

Guns Choice:Tom Sagar with Lab. B. Ellswinder Martha Of Ronorbrook