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Field Trial Results 2021

A 16 Dog All Aged A.V. Retriever Stake was  held at Grinkle Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire,

By kind invitation of  the Grinkle Park Estate on Tuesday 5th October 2021

JUDGES:Mr K F Barnes (A3419)  Mrs J Hay (B1871)

    Mrs S Wilkinson (3637)  Mr T Birchall (3987)


CHIEF STEWARD: Lucy Eggleston

DOG STEWARD: Teresa Middlewood

1st & Winners Trophy Eden Parish with Tarnedge Flynn (Lab.D)

2nd Neils Henrik Hansen with Labdom Nuthatch (Lab. D)

3rd David Wall with Brindlebay Ale (Lab.D.)

4th Philippa Williams with Botchergyll Elder (Lab.D)

 Guns Choice:

Nigel Barton with Lindeth Storm (Lab.B.)

Field Trial Report

The Vale of York Working Retriever Club held a 16 Dog All Aged AV Retriever Field Trial at Grinkle Park, nr Whitby, by generous invitation of Stan Tweedy, kind permission of Grinkle Park Estate and much appreciated help of Scott Brekon (Head Keeper and Steward of the Beat).

Fortunately, the rain held off with sunshine and a strong breeze for the most part of the day.

The judges were Keith Barnes, Jennifer Hay, Tom Birchall and Sinead Wilkinson.

The trial began on some testing, varied ground and competitors were afforded game including partridge, pheasant, duck, Snipe, and hares expertly shot by the Guns. 

The trial concluded with a drive in a wooded valley.  The guns, who shot magnificently all day, downed enough birds to finish the trial. 

Four dogs successfully completed five retrieves which allowed the judges to make their final decisions.

Many thanks to our host Stan Tweedy, head keeper Scott Brekon, who organised the day brilliantly, to his keepers, to the judges, Guns, helpers and finally thanks to our sponsors Skinners Pet Foods.