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Vale of York Working Retriever Club

K.C Reg No 2263

President: Margaret Pearce

Chairman: Claire Carvis, Vice Chairman Jane Jacob

Treasurer  Matthew Jenkinson

Membership Secretary’s: Sheila Tait  Tel No.01423 864684

General Secretary: Liz McDougal  Tel No 01609 773763  

Treasurer: Matthew Jenkinson Mob no: 07929 507247

Field Trial Secretary: Lucy Eggleston  Mob No. 07940 799423

Gundog Working Test Secretary: Teresa Middlewood. Mob.No. 07907962868

Juniors: Jane Jacob  Tel No: 01723 850275

Trophy Secretary: Linda Barrett

 Linda Barrett,Paul Hasney, Paul Stogden, Mark Wilson.

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A 12 Dog Novice A.V. Retriever Stake was  held at Wyton,

By kind invitation of  Mr J Christon & Ms S Whyte on Saturday 30th October 2021

JUDGES:Mr S T Cullis (A2749), Mrs P Cullis (B2704),

Mrs E Parish (5010) & Mr D Marx (3256)


CHIEF STEWARD: Lucy Eggleston

Dog Steward: Teresa Middlewood

2nd Roger Kilty with Tarnedge Scout  (Lab. D)

 Guns Choice:

Margaret Traves with Highcrest Bryony (Lab.B.)

Field Trial Report

The Vale of York Working Retriever Club held their 12 Dog Novice AV Retriever Field Trial at Preston Fields, Wyton, by the kind permission of Jim Christon and Samantha Whyte

A lot of rain, a little sunshine and a strong breeze was the order of the day.

Our judges were Steve Cullis (A Panel), Paula Cullis (B Panel), Eden Parish and Daniel Marx.

The day began with a drive along drain bank and the guns successfully put some testing birds down.As the day continued, Beaters and Spaniels put up a good show of birds that afforded the guns, who shot brilliantly all day, to put down the required amount of birds, which in turn allowed for some great retrieves.

At the end of the day the Judges decided, and all agreed, to make one award - 2nd Place to Tarnedge Scout handled by Roger Kilty.

The Guns Choice was awarded to Highcrest Bryony and Margaret Traves.

Huge thanks go to our hosts Jim Christon and Samantha Whyte for organising the day brilliantly – from the smooth running of the trial itself to the generosity of their hospitality offering delicious food and drink to all involved.  Thank you

Finally, our thanks go to our sponsors Skinners Pet Foods.


2nd: Tarnedge Scout handled by Roger Kilty

Guns’ Choice: Highcrest Bryony handled by Margaret Traves

A 12 Dog Novice (AV Retriever) Stake was held at Westerdale, Yorkshire

On Saturday 27th November 2021

By kind invitation of Mr & Mrs Richard Findlay and members of the Westerdale Shooting Syndicate


Glyn Coupar, RichardsKing, Marion Cairns & Paul Hasney.   

STEWARD OF THE BEAT: Mr Richard Findlay

      CHIEF STEWARD: Teresa Middlewood

1st Christine Spalding with Lab. D. Ashport Brody

2nd Sinead Wilkinson with Mekoro Make No Promises

3rd Casper Jonsen with Lab. D Jogolo Echo At Gypsy Bridge

Guns Choice:Jane Jacob with GR.D. Dunmar Carn Mor

Westerdale Field Trial Report 27.11.21.

The Vale of York Working Retriever Club held its 12 Dog Novice AV Retriever Field Trial at Quarry Farm, Westerdale, nr Whitby, by generous invitation of Mr & Mrs Richard Findlay, his family and the members of Westerdale Shooting Syndicate.  

Our judges for the day were Glyn Coupar, Richard King, Marion Cairns and Paul Hasney.

Following the horrendous weather forecast on Friday for the following day in the Northeast, and after considerable deliberation, it was decided that the Trial should go ahead.  It is with huge thanks to all competitors, judges, guns, helpers and beaters alike for making the audacious journey to Westerdale yesterday morning and for making it a day to remember.

Whilst there was a smattering of snow over the tops we were very pleased to see that any snow which had fallen through the night had cleared by the morning, leaving us just with winds and rain to contend with!

The weather meant Guns had a formidable task, which they all grabbed by the throat, expertly putting down enough birds to satisfy the required retrieves.  The beaters – including young family members of Guns and beaters – also did a sterling job of encouraging the game to fly when I am sure all they really wanted to do was hunker down in cover.

We ended up with 3 dogs successfully achieving 5 retrieves and this allowed the judges to make their decisions and the awards were as follows.

1st Ashport Brody handled by Christine Spalding

2nd Mekoro Make No Promises handled by Sinead Wilkinson

3rd Jogolo Echo at Gypsy Bridge handled by Casper Jonsen

Gun’s Choice went to Dunmar Carn Mor handled by Jane Jacob

Many thanks again to our host Richard Findlay and the Members of Westerdale Shooting Syndicate, to the judges, beaters, helpers and of course the competitors who allowed us to carry on with the trial and even better have a successful outcome.  Finally, our thanks go to our sponsors Skinners Pet Foods for their continued support.

Kind Regards and hope to see everyone in 2022

Teresa Middlewood and Lucy Eggleston

Winners Judges

& Host Richard Findlay